Providing help and support to people of all ages in Grafton and Athens, Vermont
Image of the Grafton Chapel, home to Grafton Cares functions

Good Neighbor Programs


Rides are available for medical appointments.  Call Nancy Merrill (843-2319).

Grafton Cares Knitters

Beautiful, handmade shawls are given when someone is in need of extra comfort.  Baby blankets are also available to welcome any new additions to the towns.  For more information call Cathy Hallock (843-2312).

Financial Assistance

This program offers emergency financial assistance to those having difficulty meeting critical needs in regard to health and well-being, or in meeting everyday obligations.  A small committee chaired by Grafton Cares, consists of several local organizations who serve as the contacts for anyone needing financial help.  All information is treated with the utmost confidentiality.  Call Mary Ann Newcomb (843-2544).

Medical Equipment

A variety of equipment for special health needs is available from Grafton Cares, including an electric hospital bed, wheel chairs, bathroom equipment, walkers, canes, and crutches.  An in-house stairway elevator is also available.  Call Dennis Hunt (869-2674).